In South-East China there’s an area comprised of 5 villages called Qingliangshan. These villages and the homes sprawled in-between risk abandonment due to younger generations moving to nearby cities for better opportunities. With several locals interested in revitalizing this community, I was invited as part of forty design students from seven design institutions to participate in the Lucitopia Rural Design Challenge.


Prototype an ecotourism solution to preserve and benefit the local culture and economy of an isolated village in China.


I led a team through research, insight synthesis, and proof-of-concept development.


A roadtripping app integrated in WeChat to incentivize Chinese millennials to stop at and support rural attractions.

In-Depth Case Study

1. Primary Research & Findings

2. Individual Interviews & Findings

3. Concept Development

4. Solution Ideation

5. Proof-of-Concept

6. Conclusion & Improvement Opportunities


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