In the next few years, many countries in Europe will ban single-use plastics, including for food delivery and pickups. In addition to this legislation, Just Eat aspires to become a leader in sustainable food ordering.

To position itself this way, the company is running several initiatives, and one of the biggest is offering food to order in reusable containers. However, as this concept is new for customers and restaurants, two pilots were launched in different markets to test and validate the offering before scaling it up.


Identify people’s perceptions around ordering food in reusable containers and their motivations and barriers for trying a service like this. Additionally, identify improvement opportunities for this initiative’s pilot programs.


I tested this service’s initial prototypes with twelve environmentally ‘conscious’ and ‘eco-skeptic’ people. After the first pilots went live, I created and analyzed multi-market surveys with its participants to evaluate improvement opportunities.


This study’s findings helped increase resource allocation to this initiative and influenced product changes for the next iteration of pilot programs.

This in-depth case study is confidential. Please request access.

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