When browsing the internet today it’s difficult to avoid cookie and privacy policy pop-ups. These notices are often tough for the general public to understand, leaving them with no choice but to agree and move on.

Offline, people’s personal data is collected with even less of their consent and awareness through smart sensors installed in cities. To change this lack of privacy perception and expand the conversation beyond privacy experts, we need to establish new forms of communication for personal data privacy.


Design a visual communication system to better inform the general public about data collection and its privacy implications.


I led the research, insight synthesis, and proof-of-concept development for a privacy ranking system.


A universal privacy label and research white paper to communicate how different entities treat people’s personal information.

In-Depth Case Study

1. Uncover the Current State of ‘Privacy’

2. Deconstruct ‘Privacy’ into a Taxonomy

3. Translate the Taxonomy into a Visual System

4. Develop a Proof-of-Concept

5. Present to the Municipality of Utrecht, Netherlands